A Tribute for my Babu/Guka/Grandpa

A Tribute for my Babu/Guka/Grandpa

Our Babu (Grandfather) was the most calm and humble man; he never liked to be the center of attention. In life and now in death, he wouldn’t want us to focus on him nor to focus on the sadness of his death, but instead focus on the happiness in each of our lives. He would want us to appreciate everyone and our future and most of all, keep trusting God’s perfect plan through this thing called life.

A man as humble and loving as my Guka will always be remembered by those of us who knew him and loved him. Although we will miss him, his smile, his gentle heart, his love, and so much more. We take consolation in the good feelings of our memories, today, as hard as it may be, we all celebrate that we had beautiful moments with the most pure soul to walk the earth.

Growing up, we all looked up to him, he was our hero. When we visited him and grandma over school holidays, he would take us for beautiful walks in the shamba, to enjoy nature, feed his cattle and play in the fields, he would wake up sooooooo early to milk the cows; so that we could all have a nice breakfast (endo hadn’t happened yet). However, when we would eat dinner, grandpa would leave his delicious meat (delicious chicken made by shosh if I may add) for us to indulge in instead, or better yet, feed it to his dog “Simba” he would surrender his ribena and favorite yogurt for us. despite knowing he needed them more. Babu was so giving all up to the last shirt on his back.

Another memory is how Grandpa loved to say hi to us in English (he had the most English if I may add), good morning was “good morning granddaughter, how are you, did you sleep well? So so right”

However, what we all admired most about him was his Faith, grandpa loved God with all his heart, he prayed for us all more than anyone ever did and he taught us what loving and trusting God through everything meant. Because he lived it. Nothing shook Him, nothing made him lose balance, he had the gentlest heart and so warm to everyone. But his love for us his grandchildren, it was impeccable. He was the best teacher to us all, he would show us his love and kindness in the most heartfelt ways, without saying a word, he knew exactly how you are feeling without asking, Guka, you are irreplaceable.

We, your grandchildren will always remember you, because they’ll never be another to replace you in our hearts, and the love we will always have for you will last forever. Guka, nothing ever prepared us for this moment here, this pain, but sometimes things happen that one is not prepared for, this is tough and feels hard to overcome and we hold on fondly to the beautiful memories.

Koi here, as sad and hurting as this is Babu, I will  miss you so much. But I have many wonderful memories to hang on to. You were a role model, and a friend. Your guidance and love will carry me through to the end of my days and that day when I will have my little ones, I will surely pass all the knowledge I learnt from you to them. I love you Guka, always and forever, until we meet again.

So so right Guka. Until we see you later,


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