Wigs and Bras in the back of a cab

Wigs and Bras in the back of a cab

Growing up, I was such a boy! Okay… not what you’re thinking. I behaved like a boy; climbing trees, getting into fights – you should see the marks on my legs! I never played Cha Mama na Cha Baba (back in the day, I think this confirmed how girly you are) I never thought I’d apply make-up on my face or ever wear lipstick, but the day I told my mum that she needed to buy me a brassiere, I knew the spell had fallen upon me. I was becoming a little woman. That, was girly to me.

 I sit here thinking, why did I even bother my mum for bras? I mean, I literally have two dots on my chest. The song Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe should have an addition; Jessie’s breasts. That’s how small they are. I’m I comfortable with them? Yes off course, they are mine.  Would I want bigger breasts? Hell no! These ladies take me through a roller coaster, almost as much as having a set of double Zs would (do those exist?).

No kidding, I have made countless appointments and trips to the doctors to have them checked. I thought I was really sick because of the unbearable pain they took me through. 

Little did I know that I suffer from cyclic breast pain. Basically, my hormones get all freaked out every month when I am approaching my period, and they punish my body in a go-sit-in-a-corner-and-think-about-why you-are-a-girl type of way. I remember sometime back, I was seated in a cab after a meeting and my breasts were so painful that I just removed my bra plus my wig to get that instant comfort, and just threw them in the backseat. The cab driver was confused but luckily for me, he acted all cool and just said, ‘Zimekuchokesha?’ Long story short, I forgot my wig and bra since in the cab since I was in a hurry to get into the house… How embarrassing was it for the driver who had to drop them over the next day.

Breast pain is real pain. It messes your entire mood. You have to regulate your movement, and any change in temperature can ruin your entire day.

So I found some ideas that helped me sort out breast pain, or at least give some relief and I hope it can come in handy for you or your loved one. 


Use hot or cold compresses on your breasts. To be very honest, I have a problem with this, so I let someone else do it for me. I am not able to do it myself because I get super scared, like what if I squeeze them too hard and they just disappear altogether? Yikes.


If the pain is too much at a particular time, I get a prescription from my doctor to give me some comfort. I know how tempting over the counter meds are but I would recommend that you ask your doctor which pain med is better and how much to take, as long-term use may increase your risk of liver problems plus other side effects.

Wearing bras that fit

Amishadai (my hubby) introduced me to sports bras, so I started wearing them for those days when the pain is intense. I am not a fan of these since my breast suddenly go into nothingness, and the hope for a cleavage is forgotten J

Observe your diet

A dietary change can be really helpful. My doc told me to eat more complex carbohydrates, (I know! What are complex carbohydrates?) These are found in foods such as peas, beans, whole grains, and vegetables. So my doc told me that taking this is a strategy that helps with breast pain. To be honest, I haven’t tried this for breast pain but all I know is that diet is very important when you have endo.

Keep a journal

Noting when you experience breast pain and other symptoms, to determine if your pain is cyclic or non-cyclic. So that you can see when to see your doc…

P.S: Always have your breast checked for the slightest of changes. 

 You see, the pain can be in excess and make your life hard to bear, so it’s probably best to find ways that work for you so that you can have a great quality of life.

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4 thoughts on “Wigs and Bras in the back of a cab

  1. Ohh my God;Jess am so greatful to be alive reading your posts and I pray that God will guide,protect,heal you so all the pain in your body will just disappear.I pray for you now n then and I know that The God we serve will never forget us.HEAL soon love.
    God bless you

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